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Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

Posted by ustop20themeparks on April 9, 2009


Anaheim, CA

America’s 2nd Most Visited Park of 2007

According to, the park saw an estimated 14.8 million visitors in 2007, making it the 2nd most visited theme park in the US.

Interesting Facts

· Among the first guests at Disneyland in 1955 was George Lucas (then 11) and his family.

· All recorded music and sounds that you hear in the rides and throughout the park constantly run. It is more costly for Disneyland to shut the sound off and restart the system every day. The only time sound actually gets shut off is when there is an Emergency stop or large system failure, ie a massive power loss, emergency shut down or other sorts of emergencies. Most notable is It’s a small world – the dolls may stop moving, but the music still plays and the Haunted Mansion – The buggies stop and the animatronics still move and the voiceover says there is a ghoul in the system with no music, but the when music does resume after the voiceover, it has been playing on. There was no pause in it at all. Luckily for cleaning and maintenance crews, they can turn it down so they won’t go mad.




· Advertisement on special offers on things ticketing, accommodation and even one-off promotions such as free full-day passes on one’s birthday

· Convenient and easy to use. The main links at the top of the page categorizes the information provided by the website into four main categories.

  • Booking

Packages, accommodation etc.

  • Buy


Annual package

Special offers

  • Explore

Links to attractions

Links to a very simple map

  • Plan

Opening hours

Special events

Driving directions



· No form of interactivity where potential visitors can interact with Disneyland staff or with each other to ask questions or share experiences.

Accuracy & Authority – 5/5

It is the official website for the park.

Objectivity – 1/5

As it is the main page of the park, its main aim would be to sell tickets. Affects objectivity.

Currency – 5/5

Has to be current to serve the needs of their visitors.

Coverage – 4/5

Provides all the basic information but rather little extra information that would value-add to the site.


· Very comprehensive source

· Layout simple and user-friendly

· Main links provide information for

  • Pictures, maps
  • Accommodation
  • A useful guide to Disneyland’s two main parks
  • Even provides brief information on the rest of Orange County for tourists

· Very FAQ in concept

· Basically a cheat sheet for a potential visitor

  • Provides smart information

Beating the queues

Perfect time of year to visit

· Even prepares you for your visit by providing a checklist of things to do/before before a visit to Disneyland


· No form of interactivity where visitors of the site can ask questions or give advice to one another.

Accuracy & Authority – 4/5

Webpage is a subsidiary of which is an established website known for its good advice on many topics

Objectivity – 5/5

It is a webpage with the purpose of providing information and it is not affiliated Walt Disney in any way. Thus its main aim is not to sell tickets or get people to visit the park and can be considered rather objective.

Currency 4/5 is regularly updated to live up to its name as one of the best content sites on the web.

Coverage – 5/5

Has all the basic needs of a potential visitor and it even includes extra value-added information.


The Unofficial Guide To Disneyland 2007, Sehlinger. B., Wiley, 2007, Hoboken, NJ


· Quoted as “a tourist’s best friend” by the Chicago Sun Times

· Useful ranking of rides and attractions

  • Lets potential visitors decide which attraction to visit and which to give a miss
  • Lets them save time

· Ranking of accommodation

  • Lets visitors decide for themselves what kind of accommodation they prefer

· Provides field tested itineraries

· Detailed information on rides

  • Ride duration
  • Enjoyment factor

For different age groups even

· Includes detailed maps



· Doesn’t provide an index of contact numbers just in case visitors get lost or have an enquiry

Accuracy & Authority – 3/5

Being not affiliated to any big publishing houses or Walt Disney in any way, its accuracy and authority in providing information may not be as good as other publications under more well renowned publishers.

Objectivity – 4/5

Again as it is not affiliated to any companies which main aim is to sell tickets.

Currency – 4/5

Its publishing date is the year 2007. This can be considered rather recent.

Coverage 4/5

Provides rather extensive information.

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