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Epcot at Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Posted by ustop20themeparks on April 9, 2009

Epcot at Walt Disney World

Lake Buena Vista, FL

America’s 3rd Most Visited Park of 2007

According to, the park saw an estimated 10.9 million visitors in 2007, making it the 3rd most visited theme park in the US.

Interesting Fact:

If you’re enjoying fresh vegetables at the Garden Grill, Sunshine Season Food Fair, or Coral Reef restaurants, chances are they were grown right in the Theme Park. Last year, more than 30 tons of fruits and veggies were harvested from The Land pavilion’s greenhouses.


Web Sources


· As part of a ticketting website, it provides information on discounts and ticket packages

· Website provides interactivity.

  • Link to contact the administrators of the website
  • Link to view the testimonials of those who have visited Epcot

· Provides short write-ups of the different rides and attractions within the theme park.

· Provides links to other theme parks which the visitor may be interested in.


· No basic information such as

  • Driving directions
  • Opening hours
  • Maps

Accuracy & Authority – 2/5

No affiliation with Disney.

Objectivity – 5/5

Rather objective since it has no affiliation with Disney.

Currency – 4/5

Updated this year.

Coverage – 2/5

Rather limited in its coverage.


· Main page provides a good description of Epcot Theme Park and what it is all about.

· Provides most of the basic, important information which potential visitors to the park may need.

  • Opening hours
  • Maps
  • Ticketing
  • Where to eat/shop/stay

· Even includes information on basic amenities such as

  • ATMs
  • Baby care centres
  • Wheelchair rentals

· Provides good summaries on Epcot Park’s rides an attractions

· Provides links to information on other theme parks within Disney World.


· No information on driving directions and how to get to Epcot.

Accuracy & Authority – 4/5

Affiliated to Disney

Objectivity – 4/5

Although affiliated to Disney, it is still generally a travel website rather than a promotional website.

Currency – 5/5

Updated recently

Coverage – 4/5

Rather extensive coverage.

Print Sources

Walt Disney World & Orlando For Dummies,

Miller. L., Wiley


Hoboken, NJ


· Part of the famous “For Dummies” series

· Down to earth planning advice

· Well structured and organized.

· Even has a section dedicated to summarizing each chapter

  • The reader can focus on what information he is looking for and straight away dive into it without much hassle.

· Like any other guide book, it does not fail to include basic information such as

  • Opening hours
  • Ticketing
  • How to get there
  • Locations of basic amenities
  • Descriptions of rides and attractions
  • Information on dining and shopping facilities

· Budget planning section

· Contact numbers

· Detailed maps


· Book is rather wordy

· No pictures

· Can be a chore to read

Accuracy & Authority – 4/5

The book is part of the famous “for Dummies” series which is critically acclaimed.

Objectivity – 4/5

The book is not affiliated to any companies which main aim is to sell tickets and thus can be considered rather objective.

Currency – 4/5

Published in 2007, it can be considered rather current.

Coverage – 5/5

Rather extensive in its coverage and also adds a lot of extra information which value-adds to the book.

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