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Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Posted by ustop20themeparks on April 9, 2009

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom

Lake Buena Vista

Florida 32830 USA

America’s Most Visited Park of 2007

According to and wikipedia, the park saw an estimated 17 million visitors in 2007, making it the most visited theme park in the US.

Interesting Fact

Since the members of the Cinderella Castle Stage Shows cannot rehearse while visitors are in the park, they have to schedule a time before the park opens. They report for rehearsals on stage at five in the morning. Now that’s early!! Rehearsals run until the park opens.

It takes nearly 60,000 cast members to keep the show going at Walt Disney World. With more than 3,000 different job roles available, one could not find a more diverse group anywhere.


Web Sites


· Walt Disney World’s main website

· Provides links to all its constituent attractions

· Linked from Disney World’s main page

· Has information on special events/promotions

· Also includes links on information on basic amenities such as ATM machines, baby care centers, medical facilities etc.

  • Most websites do not include locations of such basic amenities

· Provides links to main webpage where more information can be found.

  • Ticketing prices
  • How to get there
  • Opening hours

· Includes maps

  • Includes brief information on getting around Magic Kingdom and getting to other parts of Disney World


· No form of interactivity where potential visitors may provide feedback or post queries except a customer helpline

Accuracy & Authority – 4/5

Since most of the information is directly from the people who brought us the theme park, information is accurate and relevant.

Objectivity – 2/5

As this is the main website, the main aim is to attract more visitors to the park. As such, information may be biased and tweaked in a way that may “sell” the park.

Currency – 5/5

Again, as this is the main website for the park, information has to be up to date and relevant to the times to meet visitors’ needs.

Coverage – 4/5

It includes all the information a visitor would need to have a problem-free day at the park, but nothing extra.


· Main emphasis of website is the attractions/rides of Magic Kingdom

· Provides an overview of Magic Kingdom as a tourist attraction

  • Highlights the uniqueness and merits of Magic Kingdom as a theme park
  • Provides a short history on the park

· Has links to other pages which provide more information in detail

  • Ticketing
  • Discounts
  • Transportation
  • Location
  • Opening hours
  • Other connected theme parks within Disney World Orlando, Fl
  • Accommodation

· Has a link which enables visitors to interact with each other, post queries and feedback

· Functional due to a simplistic and to-the-point layout


· Due to its lack of aesthetics, the site may only appeal to adults. Children may not be interested in browsing through the site.

Accuracy & Authority – 3/5

It is a totally private run website and has no affiliation to Walt Disney

Objectivity – 4/5

Same reason as above. Thus has no ulterior motive to sell tickets.

Currency – 5/5

Last updated earlier this year.

Coverage – 5/5

Extensive and provides a lot of extra information


The Cheapskate’s Guide to Walt Disney World

Lewis. M., Debbi. L.
Citadel Press, 2005, New York, NY


· Includes all the constituent theme parks of Walt Disney World Orlando, Fl.

· Well organized, user-friendly

  • Even includes an introductory chapter; “How To Use This Book”

· Basic information

  • Ticketing
  • Opening hours

· How to get there

· Basic amenities

· Detailed description of how to make your way around Magic Kingdom

  • Includes all areas within Magic Kingdom
  • Short write-up
  • Visitors know what to expect
  • Places to eat/shop

· Cheapest things

· Time-saving tips

· Interesting “Did You Know” facts

· Includes contact numbers in the index at the back

· Practical


· No maps

Accuracy & Authority – 3/5

Being not affiliated to any big publishing houses or Walt Disney in any way, its accuracy and authority in providing information may not be as good as other publications under more well renowned publishers.

Objectivity – 4/5

Again as it is not affiliated to any companies which main aim is to sell tickets.

Currency – 3/5

Its publishing date is the year 2005.

Coverage – 4/5

Provides rather extensive information.

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