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Busch Gardens Europe, Williamsburg, VA

Posted by ustop20themeparks on April 10, 2009

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Picture source:

America’s 15th Most Visited Park of 2007

Interesting Info

1st in Most Beautiful Park Rankings with 57%
3rd in Top Steel Roller Coaster Rankings – Apollo’s Chariot
6th in Top Steel Roller Coaster Rankings – Griffon (Voted Favourite New for 2007 Ride/Attraction)
8th in Top Steel Roller Coaster Rankings – Alpengeist
3rd in Cleanest Park with 15% votes
3rd in Best Food with 11% votes
3rd in Best Live Entertainment with 11% votes

Main website

•    Information is very organized
o    Starts off with Park Info, instead of Tickets, like most of the other parks

•    States Smoking Policy clearly

•    Does not have a compiled Ride List for easier reference

•    Has an image and video gallery for visitors to have a preview of rides and park

•    Layout of website could be too simplistic


As the main website’s main interest is that of attracting visitors, it is likely that it is subjective and presented in an attempt to garner more visits.

Information is up to date for main websites. They have to be, so as to be relevant and cater to the visitors’ needs.

Contain links to the latest news and information with regards to Busch Gardens.

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