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Kings Island, Kings Island, OH

Posted by ustop20themeparks on April 10, 2009

Kings Island

5691 Kings Island Drive Mason

OH 45040

America’s 17th Most Visited Park of 2007

According to, the park saw an estimated 3 million visitors in 2007, making it the 17th most visited theme park in the US.

Interesting Facts

The Effiel Tower replica is actual 1/3 of the actual height of the original, and elevators regularly take patrons up to the top of the tower, which provides a chance to see the entire park and, at park closing, offers the best view of the nightly fireworks display.



· Main theme park webpage

· Provides all the necessary information for a visitor to the theme park

  • Opening hours, ticketing
  • Maps
  • Basic amenities
  • Accommodation

· Very detailed description of all the theme park rides and attraction, as well as with the requirements

· Provide links to other related parks

· Home page is vibrant and filled with latest news and relevant information


· Lack of any objective reviews as this is the site from the parent company

Accuracy & Authority – 4/5

Since most of the information is directly from the people who brought us the theme park, information is accurate and relevant.

Objectivity – 2/5

As this is the main website, the main aim is to attract more visitors to the park. As such, information may be biased and tweaked in a way that may “sell” the park.

Currency – 5/5

Again, as this is the main website for the park, information has to be up to date and relevant to the times to meet visitors’ needs.

Coverage – 5/5

Very extensive, does not miss out much.

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