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Seaworld Florida, Orlando, FL

Posted by ustop20themeparks on April 10, 2009

Seaworld Florida

Orlando, FL

America’s 7th Most Visited Park of 2007

According to, the park saw an estimated 5.8 million visitors in 2007, making it the 7th most visited theme park in the US.

Interesting fact:

The cuttlefish, little relative, to the squid and octopus isn’t seen in SeaWorld, but the others on the list, and such critters as penguins, polar bears sea lions et al. are on display at SeaWorld year round.




· Well organized and user-friendly

  • All information is nicely grouped with appropriate headings at the bottom of page

· Includes a slideshow of photos of the park

· Includes link to join an online community to receive updates and special offers

· Includes a clever interactive map with animation and a 3D depiction of the park

  • Click and a short write-up of the selection will be available in a pop-up window


· Includes basic information but has nothing extra to make a visitor’s stay extra enjoyable or comfortable.

Accuracy & Authority – 5/5

It is the official website for the park.

Objectivity – 1/5

As it is the main page of the park, its main aim would be to sell tickets. Affects objectivity.

Currency – 5/5

Has to be current to serve the needs of their visitors.

Coverage – 4/5

Provides all the basic information but rather little extra information that would value-add to the site.


Beyond Disney: The Unofficial Guide to Universal, SeaWorld, and the Best of Central Florida, 2nd edition

Sehlinger. B., Frommers, 2001, Hoboken, NJ


· Practical tips on when to go and how to beat the crowds at 12 of Central Florida’s best theme parks

· Information on what’s worthwhile and what’s not at major attractions


· Not a book solely on SeaWorld. May not be as comprehensive as one solely for SeaWorld.

Authority & Accuracy – 3/5

It is an unofficial guide book and is not affiliated to SeaWorld.

Objectivity – 4/5

Currency – 1/5

Not very current as it was published in 2001, many things could have changed in 8 years.

Coverage – 5/5


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