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Travel Guide Reviews

Below are 2 web sources which we felt should be mentioned as they provide travel guides and resources to visitors who are looking for a good time at the various theme parks.

Trip Advisor

An Overview

  • Gives overall ranking of ranking for travellers before breaking it down
  • Ranks the theme parks according to a popularity index for the attractions in the location
  • Lists down attraction type, activities, address and telephone number
  • Reviews of theme parks by fellow TripAdvisor users, containing photos, reviews and description.
  • Links to various attractions, as well as photos of the different rides
  • Links to top-rated nearby restaurants and hotels
  • Links to news reports for the theme parks
  • Spanish version included


Information is accurate when crosschecked with the main websites of the different theme parks covered. Maps are updated and accurate.


Website does not try to cover up any negative reports about the theme parks. A good mix of good and bad reviews are available. Ultimately it is up to the user to decide whether the theme park is suitable for him.


Information is updated, though it might take a few days to a week for the review site to update should any changes happen in the theme parks. They are unable to change the information immediately and might have to rely on the travellers to update them on any changes.

COVERAGE – 4.5/5

Contains a good amount of information about the theme parks. Photos are definitely a bonus though not every review is filled with photos. Has many links to nearby restaurants and hotels as well as travelling directions to the theme parks. The most useful links were probably the news links, which the user would want to be updated on about any major news with regards to the theme park.

Theme Park Insider

An Overview

  • Contains basic information about theme parks as well as a short write up on the location, history, hours and tickets.
  • Gives advice about how to go about planning for the trip.
  • Links to the main website.
  • Includes tips from readers who have been to the park and allows other readers to read and rate these tips.
  • Photos are available, though very limited.
  • As most review sites, contains links to hotels among other amenities.
  • Plus point: users and readers can glean precious information from the forums
  • Logs down the News Archive for the theme parks.


Information may prove to be too summarized to be accurate for some instances.


The discussion function (forum) available gave the review site extra points where users could share experiences, both good and bad about the theme park. They even give feedback on areas they thought the theme parks could improve.



The availability of the news archive for the theme parks in question secured it for Theme Park Insider. Theme Parks

An Overview

  • This website consists of all the concise information about the various theme parks.
  • On top of the basic information, this website provides links to other information regarding the park such as photo galleries and coaster reviews
  • Also includes related articles about Six Flags


Accurate information. The site is able to state the exact details when a child is given discounts or when payment is not required at all.


Reviews are limited to the rides. Few reviews with regards to the entire theme park can be found. Furthermore, in order to read about the other reviews, the user had to click and be redirected before they could read about the theme park. Basically, it lacked a “at a glance” factor.


Has a section that said “New for 2009 and 2008”. Implied that website had not been updated for 4 months to remove the 2008 part.


Mix of articles could be more extensive. All that was seen was pictures and reviews, and other related articles, more reviews and articles. Not enough news about theme parks.

An Overview

  • All this review site had was… reviews.
  • The layout is simple and only shows the first few sentences of the reviewers’ feelings. The interested reader will be able to click to expand and read more about the review if it grasps his attention.
  • Provided an overall rating based on the total number of reviews from consumers they had.


No authority or website to evaluate the reviews or what the people said in the reviews. One is unable to find out information about the theme park in question.


What the site lacked in authority, it made up for it in the reviews. Full reviews were substantial and described the experiences the users had had at the park. Allows for travellers to judge whether or not to consider the theme park as a potential destination.


Had no indication of time, besides the dates of the reviews. Some reviews were dated as far back as 1992. Some even had reviews on rides that were no longer in operation.


Apart from the reviews, there was nothing else.



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